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STEVIA, La planta mas dulce del mundo






It is a natural shrub of Paraguay, used by more than 1,500 years by the native Indians of Guaraní. It is a grass with an abundance of positive effects. Its scientific name is Stevia Rebaudiana and the one that occurred to know the world it is the Bertoni variety. Or other improved varieties exist, by their resistance to some diseases and are those that mainly are in the cultures, that or they begin to be made in Colombia. The whole leaf contains numerous signs of fitonutrientes and minerals and is much more sweet that the sugar without its negative effects. It cannot sweeten any drink without generating calories, nor carbohydrates, decay and is very safe either for the diabetics.

The Stevia arrives at the páncreas and it not only surely does not elevate the levels of the glucose of the blood, doing it for the diabetics but also beneficial. Since there are calories or no carbohydrates, the Stevia is an excellent aid of the loss of the weight. It does not contain the disclosed negative indirect effect with the use of artificial dulcificantes including aspartame.

Adding Stevia regularly to his diet, also it has been disclosed that can help to reduce to the minimum sensations of the hunger, the greasy appetite by candies or foods, has been verified that help in the digestion, diminish the hypertension without affecting the normal arterial pressure, stabilize the levels of the glucose of the blood, shortens the times of recovery of resfrío and the influenza, besides to help to leave to the dependency of the tobacco and the alcohol. When dental cream or rinsing is used in, the decays and the calculations are reduced due to their antibacterial characteristics.

After an extensive extensive investigation, the Stevia has been used surely by more than 30 years in Japan,
in where aspartame is prohibited. The Japanese manufacturers use Stevia in refreshments, vinegar conserves, rubber to chew, ice cream and an ample variety of other foods. Other countries around the world also have been using Stevia like substitute of the sugar in the food manufacture.

The Stevia can be used to cook and to hornear like natural dulcificante, the children can enjoy prescriptions of the dessert without the risk of the increase of the weight, the decay or the hyperactivity..








Metanol, Aspargina

S, Cl, R. L.





The human organism since it is born responds positively to I stimulate candy, defined by the sense of the taste, mainly by papilas gustativas of language and the sense of smell that detect the presence by physical and chemical effects of the food.

The dulzura is moderate by the power or power of dulzura and vary according to its structural properties in where the intensity and the dwell time  define the sweet flavor. Additionally the perception of the nonsingle flavor this influenced by the genetics, but by the state of health, the aging, the particular experiences,  the cultural and  traditional patterns which define the level of dulzura of each individual.


  • Million people in the world have chosen with consuming natural products and specially developed like green cultures (organicos) not exposed to chemical agents that degrade the conditions of health and well-being of the alive beings.

  • The Stevia in anyone of its forms is indicated to take care of the state of health or disease as in the case of the obese, diabetic people, with cardiovascular disease, problems you articulate and others that must reduce their total caloric level of the day.

  • Indicated in all person with desire to take care of its figure by health or to elevate its self-esteem.

  • Recommended to sweeten the meals in healthful form of the family.

  • It is not medicine, is food with direct benefits in health.


  • Stable to the heat.
  • Natural flavor to candy, without remainders nor changes of perception in the flavor.
  • Diverse application as much in foods and drinks.



Diabetes and Aspartame

Investigation of Doctor HJ Roberts Md, concerning the use of products that contain ASPARTAME (Nutrasweet, Sabro, Hermesetas, Sucaril, Menocal) by people with diabetes and hipoglucemia. HJ Roberts, Md, FACP, FCCP. HJ Roberts, Md, PA. 300 27th Street West Palm Beach, FL 33407-5299 (407)832-2408 Fax (407)832-2400

Graduated in the Internal Medicine Council of the United States, it has dealed with several patients with diabetes melitus and hipoglucemia (low sugar in the blood) in his character about internista advisor-certificate and endocrinólogo member American the Endocrina Society.

"Since both groups have abstained to consume sugar. Initially it considers that those people had an acceptable and presumable security in the use of the substitute aspartame.

Unfortunately, in my it practices several patients, and other sights in consultation, developed serious metabolic, neurological complications that specifically can be attributed to the use of the products that contains aspartame. The evidences are these:

* The lost one of the diabetic control, intensification of hipoglucemia, the presence of insulin reactions (including convulsions) prove the reactions of aspartame, and the precipitation, agravamiento or simulation of the diabetic complications (specially blurred Vista and neuropatía) while these products are used.

* Dramatic development of these symptoms before the rejection to aspartame, and the quick recurrence of these problems when the patient reassumes the use of products with aspartame, with knowledge or of inadvertent form. I have mentioned several complications in patients with diabetes and hipoglucemia caused by the use of products with aspartame, in my scientific books and articles. There are some illustrations here.

A dependent professor of the insulin by 21 years as much undergoes more frequent reactions by the insulin in the school as in the house, whereas he daily ingests several refreshments of tail with aspartame: He reported that when I let consume aspartame, I let have several reactions. A man with diabetes underwent severe changes in the Vista when consuming 4 liters of aspartame in slight drinks: An ophtalmologist assured that diabetic retinopatía was not detected to him.

The patient later had opportunity to read an article about the problems in the Vista caused by aspartame. Immediately it rejected these drinks, and the disagreeable problem was in diabetes and primary retinopatía.

A dependent man of 46 years of the insulin by diabetes stayed in good control during three decades until he began to consume, to newspaper, great amount of soda waters with aspartame and you exceed of table with endulzante. He synthesizes his experience in these terms: My diabetes was increased and I had terrible insulin reactions: Their diabetes was controlled completely when during one week I let consume products with aspartame.

A boy of 12 years with diabetes required of multiple hospitalizations by a diabetic coma acquired by the considerable product consumption with aspartame. Specialists of a university hospital had difficulties to stabilize their insulin requirements while she consumed those products.

By this experience, I warned to all my patients with diabetes and hipoglicemia to avoid products with aspartame. A good number of alternatives is available.

It considered that the fault in other specialists of the American Association of the Diabetes is to spread to the appropriate prevention to the patients and consumers based on the repetition of which has described in my studies and publications: this is according to the following factors:

1) That virtually impossible to take programs from the national meetings of specialists in diabetes or other professional groups to describe these observations: IT EVEN ACCEPTS it (of that I was member for more than three decades) were refused to publish an extract of warnings of the adverse reactions that I detected in 58 diabetic patients and who were admitted in their annual meeting of 1987.

This extract later appeared in the Clinical Encyclopedia (Vol 3: 489A, 1988)... for six years.

2) Publications dedicated to the diabetes and the internal medicine were refused to publish my manuscripts with this objective commentd out negative: similarly authorities with servilistas interests have refused to publish the described suggestions.

3) the MASTER, FDA and ACCEPT it dogmatically continue expressing opinions you mistake in the sense that aspartame is safe for the diabetics.

4) (Companies) Manufacturing and producing they highly created the miracle in the market during years 80 with the effective campaign of the PR, a indescriptible number of projects by investigators whom they loved to contract itself with them, and an enormous biopolitica to his you order to protect its market of trillions of dollars.

I have detailed these subjects in my two books on the subject: Aspartame (Nutrasweet): It Is safe? (Philadelphia, 1989, The Charles Press) and Sweetner Dearest: Bittersweet Vignettes About Aspartame (Nutrasweet) (West Palm Beach, 19992, Sunshine Sentinel Press, PO Box 8697, 1-800-814-9800). Estan seeded in two cassettes of reading, Is Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Safe? To Medical Helth to legal Overview (West Palm Beach, 1992, Sunshine Sentinel Press, PO Box 8697, 1-800-814-9800).

In these books I have discussed some of the reasons because aspartame aggravates the diabetes and hipoglucemia. The possible mechanisms include the following thing:

* Noticeable changes in the appetite and weight are reflected in the paradoxical lost obtaining or of weight

* Excessive lost insulin secretion and of the insulin reserves

* Possible alteration of the sites of receiving insulin cells, with unusual resistance to the insulin.

* Alterations neurotransmitidas within the brain and peripheral nerves.

* The toxicity of each one of the three components of aspartame (Fenilalina, aspártico acid and to methylester, with properties of metilico alcohol or methanol), or its multiple products after the exhibition to the heat or prolonged storage.

* I have disertado in my publications, and testimonies before the Congress and the group of the FDA, that the recurrent product ingestion with aspartame of more than half of the adult population constitutes an imminent case of public health, even so, this continuous call being ignored by the medica profession of the FDA.

Deciding to inform to the consumers interested in the criticizeable complex doctor-industrialist who: 1) they reject to know the problem deficiencies by aspartame and 2) they failed in alerting to the groups of high risk of the potential dangers. Additionally to the patients with diabetes and hipoglucemia, that includes embarrassed women, young, patient with epilepsy, deficiencies of the liver and the kidneys, and you disorder nutritional, adult people with lost of the memory, and the relative ones to the reactors of aspartame, diabetics and patients with fenylketonuria.

Some will ask of guessed right way: Because aspartame continuous in the market? Its interest intensifies by the high incidence of tumors in the animal brain (that knew itself before the approval of the FDA), and the reasonable observation that I have documented about the apparent contribution of the roll of aspartame in the tumors of the human brain ".

1994 HJ Roberts, Md, FACP, FCCP.

August 9 of 1994

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K 37 B 4-57 Tel. 3600390 Fax. 2852654 Bogotá

Cel. 315-3550434